Adult Trikes

Riding the wheels of the Trailmate adult trikes will give you years of pleasure and mobility. Each Trailmate adult trike is built tough in America at our Sarasota, Florida location and carries our lifetime frame warranty. Look for our complete line of specialty adult trikes and cycles.

Suddenly everybody's triking it! Folks everywhere are catching on to what thousands of Trailmate fans have learned in the last 40's fun to ride the best. The EZ Roll Regal and Desoto Classic are industry standards for premium adult 3-wheelers and it's easy to see why. They're built to give you lasting durability, exceptional value and plenty of pleasure. Hop on for the ride of your life!

The E-Z Roll Regal The E-Z Roll Regal
Let the good times roll! We've packed extra luxury into this low maintenance, easy-to-pedal classic. Our top-of-the-line 3-wheeler offers all the features you need to make getting out and about a wonderful experience.
The Desoto Classic The Desoto Classic
Our most popular adult 3-wheeler is famous for its comfortable ride, responsive performance and terrific value. You'll look for excuses to take your Desoto Classic out for another enjoyable spin while showing off its sporty good looks.
The Joyrider The Joyrider
Built for adults and larger children and teens, the exclusive step-through design and heavy-duty steel frame of the Joyrider provides comfort and stability, plus all the benefits of a good physical workout. Other comfort features include handle bars that swing up and away and a sturdy molded seat.
The Mini Tike The Mini Tike
Perfect for the Grandkids! They'll love riding with you on a cycle just like yours. Also, great for children that have mobility challenges.
The Jr. Joyrider The Jr. Joyrider
Physically challenged kids love the freedom and mobility that come with the Junior Joyrider. This model also features the step-through design and swing-away handlebars, and is also available with a secure harness system and foot straps with heel supports.
The Mini Peel The Mini Peel
The new addition to our Fun Cycle series, the Mini Peel let's even the youngest members of the family get in on the cycling action. It's amazing how fast the little ones learn how to maneuver the Mini Peel. Before you know it, they're experts! Perfect for kids ages 3 to 6. Now the whole family can ride together!

The Banana Peel The Banana Peel
Pre-teens and adolescents love the action of the Banana Peel. A slightly smaller version of the Fun Cycle, it provides outrageous fun. Hang onto the grab handles and you're on your way to the ride of your life. The wild twists and hairpin turns are a blast. It's the coolest styling to scream down any bike path.