Trailmate - A Proud History

In 1977 Trailmate was a specialty manufacturer of adult recreational tricycles. In 1978, the assets of a local Cycle Company were added to make Trailmate the company it is today.
These acquisitions, along with aggressive product development, have evolved Trailmate into a company that produces a diverse line of specialty cycles that are marketed under the Trailmate name.

Trailmate currently operates out of a plant located in Bradenton, Florida. Many of Trailmate products are built right here in the USA. Our skilled workers utilize premium materials and the safest, most efficient production practices available.

Through out Trailmate’s proud history we have continued to provide the American consumer with a quality product. We at Trailmate look forward to many more years of service.

A Vintage Trailmate Ad
A Vintage Trailmate Ad From the 80s