Pre-teens and adolescents love the action of the Banana Peel. A slightly smaller version of the Fun Cycle, it provides outrageous fun. Hang onto the grab handles and you're on your way to the ride of your life. The wild twists and hairpin turns are a blast. It's the coolest styling to scream down any bike path.

  Weather-resistant nylon bucket seat
  Rust-proof Skyway mag wheels
  Front coaster brake
  Front carrying handle
  Safety flags
  3 sizes to choose from:
Fun Cycle - Adults
Banana Peel - Adolescents & Teens
Mini Peel - Kids

  Size: 23" H x 48" L x 32" W
  Weight Capacity: 150lbs.
  Height Capacity: 3'8" to 5'1"
  Wheel Size: 16"

  Steel or mag wheels

Available Colors

  The Banana PeelThe Banana Peel
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